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About LogoYachtBooker ( is the largest web based international reservation system for Yacht Charters. It can be used either by the yacht charter brokers from all over the world, or by everyone who wants to charter a yacht without using a charter agency’s services. YachtBooker also offers to its partners the YachtFinder®, an integrated online booking engine and the Specials Charter Database.  They can be embedded in every website. The YachtBooker CMS (Content Management System) combines all booking solutions and multilingual charter content in a fully administrable charter portal.

With YachtBooker, you can choose between 4000 charter yachts from more than 100 harbors worldwide in more than 40 countries. So there are yachts available for charter no matter the season. There are also a lot of special offers and last-minute discounts every day. For a better look at the yacht you are going to book, YachtBooker offers you detailed information about everything there is to know and photos of the yacht’s interior and exterior. To be sure that the yacht you choose is indeed the best option, YachtBooker created YachtCheck®. It is made up of two separate parts: there is the quality certification which consists of giving charter companies from 1 to 5 stars following regular inspections, and the customer reviews which rely on the testimonies of previous clients to offer some insight into the yacht’s current condition and equipment. The customer’s ratings are more subjective.

Another tool that YachtBooker has developed is YachtSys®, a complete back-office solution and easy online planning tool. Its purpose is to maximize efficiency and income for those who charter yachts for a living.

Yachtbooker has been active since 2001. The YachtFinder® charter booking engine on the YachtBooker homepage is provided with SSL-Security, so your personal data is sent encrypted through the internet and is therefore secured against unauthorized access. After booking, you will receive a confirmation with all the yacht details (PDF format) in your email.

So join now and learn to maximize your yacht charter experience with the world's largest reservation system for yacht charter. It’s easy and it’s fun!

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